About Us

About us
In today’s society, there are extra challenges that individuals must deal with: COVID-19, social distancing, wearing face coverings, and unemployment. These are on top of the challenges that people are already dealing with: raising a family, stretching dollars to make ends meet, maybe going to school, and dealing with a career. Times are tough and people need to find a way to cope; a way to find some sunshine in those grey clouds. We have noticed that more people are using the inspirational categories in the bookstores, libraries, music stores, and online. We thought about how we could contribute to helping individuals find that “silver lining”. So, we came up with “The Lamp” Literary and Media Publications.

Our motto: “Providing Light in Troubled Times”

Our mission statement: We promise to continually provide uplifting publications (media and literary so that people from all walks of life can find a way to provide a little encouragement in times of darkness.

The Lamp is a small family owned and ran business based in the United States. All our products are developed and made in the United States.

  Debra: Co-founder of The Lamp. She is the writer of the business. She carries a BA in Accounting and is working on a degree in management as well as her masters and doctorate. She has been inducted into the NSCS (National Society of College Scholars). She is affiliated with AWP (Association of Writer’s and Writer’s Programs), PWA (professional Writer’s Alliance), and AWAI (American Writer’s and Artist’s Institute). She is currently working on a book that will be for sale as soon as we publish it. She is the proud guardian of a 4 ½ year old Bichon Frise name Link and she has trained him to do wonderful things including being her service animal.  
  William: Co-founder of The Lamp. He is a writer in the business and also our IT guy. He graduated from Bald Eagle Area High School in 1987. He is certified in many Microsoft products. His vision for the company is to have it help many people find an inner light to help them in not only troubled times, but all the time. He is the proud guardian of Link’s sister, Zelda. Debra has also trained her to do marvelous tricks as well as being William’s service animal.  
  Lucinda: She is the company blogger and will keep you updated on the activities of the company. She is a graduate of Clairton High School. She aspires to help The Lamp follow their mission statement in providing uplifting materials to everyone.  
  Natasha: She is the artist in the company. She is also a great writer of poems. She will be doing all the artwork in the company. She will also write some poems. She is married and has one son. She hopes that her artwork will bring beauty to the pages of the company (digital and paper). She is the proud guardian of two dogs, a Stafford Terrier, 11 years old, named Dozer and a Black Lab mix, about 4 years old, named Toby.  
  Alexandria: She is the other artist in the company. She will be dong the coloring of the artwork done by Natasha. She graduated from Commonwealth Connections Academy in 2015. She enjoys her craft and hopes she will bring joy to those that view it.  
  Branden: He is the company’s IT guy and will be creating all the music within the company. He graduated from Commonwealth Connections Academy in 2015 with highest honors. He is inspired by being able to help people with his music. He is the proud guardian of a 4-year-old York-Shon (Yorkie and Bichon) named Virginia Rose (affectionately called Rosie). He is slowly working on training her in his free time.  
  Billie: She is the video game blogger. She is well versed in many video games and can give wonderful tips and tricks for the games. She graduated from Commonwealth Charter Academy in 2017 with high honors. She hopes that by revealing great tips and tricks that people can understand and play their games better; thus, giving peace and pleasure to them while playing their video games.